Project Case Studies

Below are case studies that relied on the talent and expertise at One Stop Growth to create a game changing strategy. If you would like an example of how we helped a company within your industry vertical or situation, feel free to either

contact us directly or refer to our LinkedIn Accelerator Brochure. 

Case Study - Western Digital
Initial Findings.

With every client, an XPR (eXperience Process Review) can be used to discover pain points, success metrics, mission & vision, and MVP that are aligned with their requirements. 

Competitive Analysis 

Initially the concern was beating the main competitor, Seagate. Other relevant competitors were discovered through best standards and were able to see a 360º 

view to create a user-friendly experience.

Process Flows 

After defining their target users, our team went through 100+ pages of content to redefine and lessen their pages by 65%.

UI Design 

Once the structure of the new pages were determined, new flows were wireframed, prototyped (using invision), and tested for validation. This was important to ensure functionality with Salesforce.

User Personas

Western Digital had 3 types of target users, but within those groups were secondary and tertiary uses as well. It’s good to map out their behaviors, as well as visualize how they would use the platform.

Case Study - Mergers and Acquisitions
Issue 1:

The client had years of active professional relationships in various stages of development all combined in one database. Since their business strategies and offerings evolved, the ‘one size fit all’ solution was no longer viable and their prospect base had to be segmented and communicated to in specific ways with differing outcomes and solutions.

Issue 2:

The principal of the company started doing numerous speaking and panel engagements nationally and internationally and wanted to meet relevant prospects at specific times and locations and had no internal resources developed to address this new initiative.
QA Objective: We suggested that we do a small 12 week pilot to; get familiar with our clients value proposition(s), segment that database into the appropriate groups, create multiple messages for the 3 current solutions, coordinate our appointments with their calendars, and provide an ‘on the go’ window to their prospect base.


We first conducted an initial and inexpensive data base clean-up to address the age of the prospect base to ensure that the appointments setting activities and momentum would not be negatively impacted by inaccurate or insufficient data. During that initiative, we were able to segment and prep the entire database for the outreach activities within the same spend.

We also worked together with the client to create three unique themes to address the different solutions offered and communicated his value proposition to the entire prospect base in the effort to move his prospects through his sales cycle and set up appointments to discuss his solutions.


The client now has a refreshed and segmented data base, a vetted and effective value proposition and a significant pipeline for future execution. During the pilot, we were not only able to provide the client with 25 well qualified appointments, but also drove selected prospect to his events and performed post event follow up activities as well. 

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